Sydney Ludwick

Sydney is an artist on the side while working full time as a bank teller and is the chair of Young Democrats of Douglas County. Her main areas of focus in art are digital art, photography, and water color. She does enjoy drying flowers and adding these gorgeous pieces of life to her artwork. She also enjoys creating paintings with her ferrets’ feet.

Sydney is also dealing with chronic illness. She is currently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and suspects she may have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. She also lives with depression and anxiety. It’s not all bad, she often let’s these forces inspire her work and works to decrease the stigma surrounding mental illnesses and disabilities.

Another major component to Sydney’s life is her sexual and romantic orientations. Sydney identifies as a gray-romantic asexual. This means that Sydney rarely experiences romantic attraction and never experiences sexual attraction. She works to spread awareness and to promote acceptance of the rainbow community.