Sydney Ludwick


Sydney Ludwick was born and raised in Colorado and has lived in Douglas County for twenty years. Having grown to love her home in Colorado, Sydney has been giving back to her community since a young age. She was a Girl Scout from kindergarten until she graduated from Douglas County High School. She earned her Girl Scout Bronze Award, Silver Award, and Gold Award to showcase her dedication to community service.

Sydney attended Colorado Mesa University from August of 2013 to December of 2016 where she earned her B.S. in biology. During the summer of 2016, Sydney interned at a local zoo where she later worked as an assistant zookeeper during the summer of 2017.

Sydney has worked in quarantine zones. There, she had to work diligently to ensure there was no contamination. She took and tested biological samples from living and dead specimens. This experience will aid in her in death scene investigations.

Last year, Sydney met with State Representative Joseph Salazar to discuss sustainability in Colorado. The meeting was live streamed on Facebook. In the meeting, Sydney used cited sources to back her up as well has provide new pathways Colorado could follow.

Sydney recently became certified in mental health first-aid. This will better allow her to aid families that have lost a loved one.

Her dedication to her community drives her to work for a better future for all. As a candidate for county coroner, Sydney will work with great diligence and sensitivity to make sure families get the answers they need and to ensure her community stays safe.


Colorado Mesa University

Sydney graduated from CMU with a B.S. in biology. She graduated cum laude (high honors) and as a member of Alpha Chi for being in the top 10% of her class. She took several class pertaining to human health including Primate Biology, Mammalogy, Physiology, Abnormal Psychology, Neurodegenerative Diseases, and Social Psychology.

While in college, Sydney served as a secretary and graphic designer to her school's Fish and Wildlife Club. The club helped with lake cleanups, organized networking events, and regularly hosted educational meetings. Sydney is most proud of the fundraiser she personally planned to help the critically endangered Amur leopards and tigers.

Sydney also interned at a local zoo during her time in college. There she helped care for the critically endangered Wyoming toads, Amur leopards and tigers, snow leopards, and an animals that were in quarantine. She returned to the zoo the following summer as an assistant zookeeper and worked with many different primates.


Just For Fun

Like many Coloradans, Sydney loves the outdoors! She enjoys hiking, bird watching, and gardening. Sydney also enjoys drawing, writing, baking and cooking, learning foreign languages, and spending time with her family and friends.

Sydney has five ferrets (Noodle, Kyoto, Ueno, Fuji, and Hakone) and two cats (Noel, and Shini). Luckily, they all get a long! All of them are very silly and never fail to bring a smile onto someone's face. The bad thing is, it's almost impossible to get a picture of these furry creatures unless they're asleep!